I traveled to Korea in the spring.

I traveled to Korea in the spring. It was an impressive joy of being in contact with different cultures, taking photos with Korean traditional costume Chimachogori. Originally I was going for a shopping trip, but I think that by looking at historical places and touching different cultures the surface of Korea has been different. The palace, which is also a World Heritage Site, such as the Royal Palace of Korea, Kyng-bokkung and Changdeok Palace, was very luxurious and rigorous and made me feel history. It was surprising that there are these palaces in the city center of Seoul, but it was nice to have able to visit freely. As I went on a tour, I was able to enjoy trying chimachogoli and experiencing Korean traditional home cooking. I felt glamorous and pleasant to wear allergic chimachogoli. We also started traditional sake dumpling! I also saw the Korean style spirit of Kimpa in Korean dramas, but this is also my first experience. It is a familiar country in drama, but I felt like I could actually experience and became a heroine. There were so many hot dishes with kimuchi's country, but it was interesting that this is also a different culture.

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